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Kälin Hobeltechnik AG
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Chip production Sharpening machines



Maschine, Kabine und Schaltschrank auf ein Chassis montiert und angeschlossen.
  • Herausziehbare Hobelwellen.
  • Direkt angetriebene Arbeitswellen. Drehzahl über FU gesteuert.
  • Bedienung über Touch-Panel. Diverse Vorwahlspeicher, Fehlermeldungen, Kommunikation.
  • Vertikal Einheiten mit abtortenden Fassfräsen oben.

    Easy to control and very efficient.
  • Removeable planer heads
  • Automatic control of the planing width and height


    Universal planing machines for woodwork and sawmills
  • Planing, Chamfer, Trueing from four sides
  • Max. processing size: 420 x 310 mm


    Universal planing machinesfor medium performance with lumber, “KVH” (solid structural timber), Duo / Trio sold structural timber etc.
  • Feed rate up to 60 m/min
  • Max. processing size: 630 x 310 mm


    Universal planing machines for medium performance with Heavy duty planing machines suitable for very large dimension requirements or for industrial operation beams Glulam.
  • Feed rate up to 200 m/min
  • Max. processing size: 1300 x 310 mm

  • Chip production


    Four models to produce high quality chips with a capacity from 1.5 up to 6 to wet chips per hour (round timber)
  • IPC-6000: 6 To./h feuchte Späne
  • IPC-3000: 3 To./h feuchte Späne
  • MPC-7.28: 2.5 To./h feuchte Späne
  • MPC-7.15: 1.5 To./h feuchte Späne

  • Sharpening machines


    Four models to produce high quality chips with a capacity from 1.5 up to 6 to wet chips per hour (round timber)
    Very heavy machines that automatically sharpen the build in knives of the planer. Suitable for shaft plane. Possibility to directly mount shafts.
    Processing length: 500 / 800 / 1300 mm

    Combo machines

    These machines are equipped with additional processing units in order to perform additional processing simultaneously. The construction and function of these additional processing units are usually adapted to fit our customers’ needs perfectly.

    Full installations

    • Destackings
    • Feeders
    • Removal
    • Stack plants